Is it normal to wait for someone?

Edit: I didn’t think I’d get so many opinions, thank you for everyone’s input!! I really appreciate it, it truly helped me a lot. I’m glad I decided to post this on Reddit 🙂

I (23) met a guy (23) through mutual friends, we’ve been on a few dates, he is interested in me and I’m interested in him as well. But he is way too busy during the day to have a conversation going, we usually call each other every other day or so. But once he graduates, he will have more time to spend with me (he said so himself and also how he is thankful to have found someone that is being patient).

Is it okay to be patient and wait for someone or am I just fooling myself? Idk how true this is but I heard if someone likes you, they will give you time no matter what but this isn’t high school, we all have our own stuff to deal with. Any opinions or advice is appreciated, please & thank you.

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