Is it just me or does dating suck ?

I’m just venting!

I’ve been in a serious relationship that lead to no where. Since than, I’ve been single for 2yrs and it’s hard being interested in anyone.. I think I’m ready to date but I have few criteria’s…

For one: I don’t date people with kids. It’s not that i don’t like kids, I love them. I don’t have kids so why should the person I’m interested in have kids? Two: I’m 30 and I don’t want to play games. I’m ready for a commitment and to cater to someone who is willing and ready to commit and cater to me (speak each other love language) Three: these dating apps suck ass and so does this generation! Why is it hard to genuinely get to know someone and let it be lead there.. why is sex always on the front end ?!

The list goes on but I just wanted to vent.. how’s dating in your 30’s?

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