Is Hinge a Good Dating App?

So is Hinge a good dating app? Let’s get started! Today there is an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to online dating and dating apps in particular. If you are looking for a relationship and want a genuine romantic connection then Eharmony is a sure-fire way to find what you are looking for. However, if you have your heart set on a dating app other than Eharmony this can make it hard to decide, and sometimes you end up with more dating apps than you need on your phone. This can become a massive time sink if you are checking all of them.

As a result, people have started looking for only the best apps to download. Hinge is most certainly among them, which we will talk about but first, lets clear a couple of things up. Whenever there is a question of whether or not a particular dating app is good, its important to ask what you are looking for because there are a lot of apps out there they each serve different purposes.

When it comes to whether or not Hinge is a good dating app, you have to ask yourself what it is you’re looking for. Hinge can be used for casual hookups and flings. Still, it is geared towards people looking for meaningful connections and relationships. Its main goal is to help you find someone compatible, who you can date long term.

Is Hinge A Good Dating App For Relationships

So is Hinge a good dating app for relationships? If youre looking for something fun that may or may not last but you want to give relationships a shot, then yes, Hinge is a good dating. It is also a great option if you’re young and looking for a serious girlfriend or boyfriend.

However, if you are looking for a partner who you will eventually marry and you know that’s what you want, then your time is better spent on Eharmony. The simple fact is that you are sort of taking your chances with people who may or may not want to get married or, in fact, might not know what they want out of a relationship. The opposite is true with Eharmony. Everyone on there knows what they signed up for, which is dating with the intention of marriage.

The question really boils down to what it is youre looking for, and what are your intentions long term? That determines whether or not Hinge is a good dating app for you.

Is Hinge A Good Dating App For Hookups

If you are simply looking for something casual like hooking up, you will most likely find better luck elsewhere. This doesn’t mean it is not possible, but the odds are somewhat against you.

When it comes to hookups, Hinge can be used, but the problem is that most women on Hinge are looking for relationships. That’s not to say it is useless if a hookup is all you want, but apps like Tinder are much better for this than Hinge.

This being said, if youre looking for a fling or maybe a more casual relationship, then Hinge might actually be perfect. Although this is not what the developers of the app had in mind when designing it, there is still some wiggle room for more casual relationships.

How Hinge Works

Hinge is not like Tinder or Bumble, where you simply swipe left or right. When signup and create your profile, you upload photos. You also give written answers to prompts like your favorite activity or sport to play. Hinge is more intricate when it comes to the matching process. Instead of a swiping function, a potential match has a profile that you then comment on.

There are a variety of photos or written answers to prompts that you can like or comment on. This new way of matching is a lot more interesting than simply swiping left or right. We love this new way of matching with other singles because it allows you to strike up conversations and hit it off much easier than say on Tinder or Bumble.

In short, it is a lot easier to match with people and also find people who enjoy similar things. That is one of the great things about Hinger. We also found that the quality of matches is so much higher than on other apps.

Quality Of Matches

For some reason, Hinge attracts a different crowd of more attractive and more interesting singles. As far as the quality of matches go, Hinge is hard to beat, and apps like Tinder and Bumble don’t really compare.

If you are looking for someone attractive and a homebody, you will find them. If you want some hot and adventurous, you will also find similar success. If I were single and asked me which dating app I was using the most, it would be Hinge. Now I am talking about dating, not hooking up. I would say that at the moment, if you are looking to date someone, then this is a must.

Is Hinge the best dating app overall

Yes, it is. Given the value of the free version and the benefits of the paid version at a fairly acceptable price point, we would say that it is probably the best out there at the moment. It is a mystery why but for some reason, women on Hinge are far more attractive, more so than Bumble and most certainly more than on Tinder. If you are looking for attractive women, then Hinge is the way to go. And yes, for the women reading this, the same goes for the men.

Eharmony is a great alternative for those over the age of at least 25. However, for those still in their 20s looking for relationships, this is the app to beat.


So is Hinge a good dating app? Yes, it most certainly is! This is especially true if you are younger. To throw an arbitrary number out there, we will say 28 years old, but that is just a line in the sand and shouldn’t be taken as a rule.

What really makes Hinge so good is that people can fill out things about themselves. These are facts about them like their education, drinking, drugs, or smoking. This means you can learn a lot about someone from there profile, so the matching process is not as superficial as Tinder or Bumble.

It is also not a swiping app, which makes it a lot more genuine. Instead of swiping left or right, you have to comment on either a prompt that they have answered, which is part of their profile, or a similar comment on a photo of theirs. This way of matching seems so much more genuine and leads to better matches, and as a result of better matches, you get better dates. It may be less hookup-focused than other apps like Bumble or Tinder. All things considered, Hinge is a super unique dating app and arguably one of the best and most innovative. If you want to read more about Hinge check out our complete guide!

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