I’m so tired of seeing women on social media preaching about if a man’s interested he’d let it be known.

34F Women on the internet always preaching about if a man’s interested he would chase after you and make the effort & if he’s not its because he’s not interested.

While I agree with this to an extent, I really hate how we build all men up to be supremely confident & that all men know what they want & go after what they want.

I can count a lot of men I’ve met who liked a woman but lacked the confidence to tell her he was interested. If you’re talking in terms of mature men being interested then yes this applies but unfortunately & I’m not bashing anyone, a lot of guys aren’t fully mature or confident enough or even have the skills to approach a woman he likes.

Also, I hate this whole one size fits all idea that women have to do and act a certain way to attract a man. You can’t be too easy, available, you have to make him work for it, etc.

I’ve seen countless women who didn’t follow this rule & just acted like themselves & got the man. I think what men want is for a woman to just be herself & feel comfortable in his presence, be nice, open, etc. I don’t think men are really asking for much.

I’m not saying they don’t have their own standards but I really hate this idea that women have to make men chase after them and work for their attention otherwise he will take you for granted. Honestly, if I have to play games, not be so available, have any sort of tactics that go outside being myself then I don’t feel its worth it because I don’t want to be with a man where I feel I need to have a strategy to pique his interest.

And I have seen this work a number of times but here’s the thing I feel like this only works on immature guys who enjoy the chase, not someone who’s interested in a relationship. Also, we’re not factoring in people who have issues, childhood trauma, social anxiety,, narcissistic tendencies, abusive, manipulative, etc. This applies to men and women.

Not everything is so black and white and peoples stories of how they ended up in a relationship are always different because men and women are different and complex & there’s not a one size fits all for how men and women should be.

What may be the perfect woman for one guy may not be for another as for women too. But I’m just really tired of women on social media making women think that if a man isn’t chasing after you he’s not interested because maybe he is, but he’s just too shy.

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