I’m preparing myself to die alone, because I would rather die alone than settle or be in a bad relationship

As much as I would like to meet someone and have companionship in this life, I also am one of those people who has been fortunate to learn how to live with himself even before this pandemic began and coexist with it happily. The most important relationship I have is with myself.

That being said, I would rather die alone than settle for anyone I am not attracted to or can’t connect with just because the pickings are slim in the dating world for a guy my age. I value my health, my dedication to fitness, my interests, and above all, knowing who I am, what I want in life, and what to expect from others.

You always see so much bad advice on this subreddit about how people should just lower their “standards” and if you can’t meet someone, it must means you aren’t what you think you are. If you’re a woman, people will tell you to just settle for a less attractive guy you’re not all that into physically just so long as he’s a “good” guy. For guys, other guys LOVE to tell you to just suck it up and date an overweight woman just so you can at least have sex with her (which says a ton about how little you all think of overweight people and their right to have standards as well…)

It’s so stupid. All of this is so toxic. This whole subreddit is filled with toxic advice from people who have no idea what they’re talking about. These people probably also crumble when they are alone with themselves.



I can’t say this enough:





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