I’m finally in a place where I’m content being single and dating myself!

This has been a long time coming honestly. I got out of a horrible relationship a little over a year ago and before that I was constantly in and out of relationships or situation-ships. Constantly looking for the next person. Well I finally deleted any and all dating apps months ago after the last date I went on was so mediocre and felt like a huge waste of time. I asked myself why am I even putting myself in these situations if I’m not really ready. I’ve done a lot of work on myself and instead of feeling the urge to always put myself out there like I used to I’m just focusing on hobbies and hanging out with friends, I could care less about trying to get a date like I used to! I’m alone most of the time but NOT lonely, which is something that’s new for me because even when I was in past relationships I felt lonely, so I know I’m in the right place now. I hope this makes someone else feel hopeful or pushes someone to keep going and don’t be afraid to do things alone or delete those dating apps for a while! Date yourself.

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