I’m done. Taking myself out of the game. ‘cause I’m not built for this ghosting shit.

So I (27M) got ghosted four times this week. FOUR FUCKING TIMES! In a week! And it’s not just the sheer number that really fucked me up. It’s that I thought things were going well enough. One of them, whom I particularly liked, had even proposed various plans. And when I engaged with those plans, I either got one-word answers or no response at all. So to go from wonderful dates to nothing has really made me question whether I know how to assess things.

Now there is a chance I’m overreacting. Still, whether I am overreacting or I have been ghosted, either scenario just tells me that I may not be ready to date again. Even in the instance that I may have done something wrong, that makes it clear that dating is not for me—at least not right now. There’s no downside to introspection, though the pandemic does make it harder to accept being single (I also live alone, which was GREAT pre-pandemic but sucks donkey booty now—but I digress). I’ve deleted all dating apps, and I’m just going to be single as fuck with my cat.

Please, let’s be grown fucking adults about this whole dating thing. If someone is not your vibe, just tell them. They may not be your person, but they are a person.

Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you at least chuckled at my use of “donkey booty”.

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