If you’re confused whether they like you or not, read this.

Allow me to put it in very simple terms,

If you’re confused, they don’t like you.

Now you’re probably confused by me, but don’t worry, I like you. Jokes aside, if you’re talking to a girl/guy and you are constantly asking yourself “why” questions about them e.g. “why didn’t he/she message back when my last message sent was 24 hours ago, surely someone can’t be busy every single minute in that entire day?” well guess what? You really should listen to yourself and answer your own concerns about the situation by disregarding any emotional thought about it, don’t think about how you feel in this situation, think “if my friend was in this situation, what advice would I give him? Obviously I would tell him that she is not interested because she seems to be playing games with him”. I have had so much trouble helping myself when I’ve been in these situations, however, its soo much easier to help a friend in this situation because your judgement isn’t clouded by any emotional entanglement to the person you like and are trying to get to know. Not just girls I’ve talked to, but I’ve heard this type of thing happening in many situations. I have gotten excuses such as “I hate texting, I’m never on my phone” and then I see them either add to their story or their feed. I have seen guys try and ask out girls and they say “I’m not ready for a relationship” only to get into one the following week with a 10/10.

What you need to realise is that if someone truly likes you for who you are they won’t make you feel confused when you interact with them, everything will shift smoothly and no games will be played. When I was in high school there was this girl I texted every single day (I later found out that she was interested in me) and I’ve never texted any girl like I texted her. We would talk literally every single day, we would give each other small daily updates about our day, and rant to each other whenever something went wrong in our lives, and our replies were lightning fast. This is what its like to actually have someone who is interested in you, there was no confusion, there was no bullshit overthinking assessments my brain would usually go through when I’m trying to figure out if someone is into me or not, it just went extremely smooth. And that’s what it will be like when you run into someone who is actually genuinely into you. So next time you’re wondering if they like you or not, chances are, they don’t. Besides who the fuck would wanna be with someone who uses bullshit excuses to get out of talking to someone, a simple “not interested, I’m sorry” instead of “not ready for a relationship right now” would suffice. It seems that the girls who have told me they’re “not ready for a relationship” end up walking down a wedding aisle with the next guy they speak to, lmfao.

Just wanna throw this out there, this topic is extremely subjective. I’ve been told things like “well women don’t want to tell guys the truth because it will hurt them”. I can assure you, that the instant pain of rejection is SOO much better than the prolonged pain of not knowing if they’re into you or not because you used an excuse where you are essentially pretending that they’re not the problem. My point is, people should tell the truth more when it comes to dating/the talking phase. Idk about you guys but I would prefer a girl say I’m unattractive when making an attempt to ask her out rather than her lie and try and sugar coat it. Imagine if a genuine girl used the excuse “I’m not ready for a relationship” but was actually telling the truth because she got cheated on by her previous partner. Chances are, the guy will automatically think its bullshit (without knowing that its actually true) because an immense amount of people use that phrase with dishonest intent and this is what makes every guy overthink.

Anyway, I don’t mind if people disagree with this seeing as its really subjective, but just wanted to share my thoughts on it, thanks for reading.

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