If you reject someone romantically and suggest to be friends they are not obligated to accept the friendship

So just today I saw a tweet from a young lady I follow on Twitter basically shaming a guy because he unfollowed her and I guess cut contact after she tried to friend-zone him. People we need to understand just like you have a right to not date them they have a right to not be platonic friends with you. In a lot of cases the friendship is just a consolation prize because the girl may feel guilty for whatever reason. The truth is if they were initially interested in a romantic relationship a strictly platonic one is never going to truly satisfy them and they may secretly grow resentful when you start dealing someone else while also keeping them around as a platonic friend while also knowing they probably still want you romantically or sexually. If the guy/girl that’s been rejected cuts contact don’t belittle him/her they’re looking out for their own peace of mind you should understand their point of view instead of getting offended that they won’t do what you want and accept your consolation prize.

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