If you get rejected, accept it and move on.

I (27F) went on a few dates with this guy (28M) and long story short, it just wasn’t there for me. I didn’t feel that spark and realized we weren’t compatible in many other ways. So I told him I wasn’t interested in pursuing things any further. He responded by continuing to make suggestive comments, offering date ideas, saying that I’ll have to keep on rejecting him and that he’ll get me to change my mind.

This isn’t a challenge, people. This isn’t some “chase me” moment. I straight up told you I don’t see anything happening between us as a way to end things. I don’t want you to keep pursuing me. There is no opportunity to change my mind. And honestly, why would you even want to? It feels desperate and pushy.

If someone says this to you, please just take it at face value and move the fuck on. I do know it’s hard to hear this from someone that you were excited about. But you owe it to yourself to do better than trying to convince someone to be with you when they know they don’t want to.

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