If they are consistently giving you one-word answers, they aren’t interested. Stop wasting your time with them.

Lots of us have been there, trying to carry a conversation where the person on the other end can’t ever think of anything else to say but “lol” “nice” “ok” or something like that. You can literally hand them things to talk about with you on a silver platter and you won’t get anything more than a one-word answer, and they will never ask you anything. These people are worse than the ones that don’t respond in my opinion.

For your own sanity, please just stop talking to these people. If they can’t, or aren’t willing to take an interest in the conversation, they aren’t interested in you and are simply stringing you along because they are bored or have nothing better to do. Nobody is that bad at messaging, and if they are even somewhat interested they will at least try to make an effort.

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