“If a man is genuinely interested, he will approach you” – do women really believe this?

I was just reading a post from a woman who was stating her belief that if a man doesn’t approach, that means he is uninterested and, conversely, if he has any interest at all, he will definitely make a move.

I find this fascinating because it is so completely false. For most men, 99.9999+% of the time when we see a woman we are absolutely interested in approaching…. we don’t unless she’s given some sort of clear signal that she’s open to being approached and even then a huge % of men are clueless to her signals.

Many guys are shy or introverted, plus there is the fear of being rejected, the bigger fear of being a labeled a creep, #metoo, wanting to respect her space, being told repeatedly not to approach in public, etc, etc.

How is it possible that so many women are oblivious to this realty?

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