I wanted a relationship… so why do I feel like I want to break up as soon as things are getting serious?

I’ve been dating this girl for a few months and she’s honestly amazing. I was foolishly caught in the mindset of, “Nobody will ever compare to my ex.” Which I know now is a very unhealthy way of thinking.

But most importantly, I feel like the girl I’m currently seeing is incredible. Her personality is perfection to me, and she’s very attractive.

She recently confessed that she had deep feelings for me, that she’d be devastated if she lost me and that she thinks we should take things to the next level and be girlfriend and boyfriend.

I was overjoyed by this and confessed to her that I was soon to announce the very same things.

However, yesterday I started feeling a bit uneasy. Having irrational fears and doubting everything. Asking myself if she’s really someone I want to be with, is she really as good looking as I think she is, what if she really doesn’t have nearly as good of a personality or looks than I’ve been lead to believe?

Why do I feel this way? Why am I having doubts?

I know in my heart that I genuinely care deeply for her, adore her personality and that looks don’t matter anyways so what would it matter if she wasn’t this 10/10 that I’ve fabricated in my mind?

Yet… on a surface level I’m starting to feel like I’m losing interest or something. Can somebody please help me understand and move past these feelings? It’s almost as if as soon as things are getting serious I’m immediately turned off… except that’s all I’ve wanted with her for so long.

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