I think I just witnessed a model for how all respectful, mature adults should end things

My ex (who isn’t a native English speaker) recently hit me up and asked me to write a text to help her end things respectfully with a guy she’d been on 5 dates with. He was an absolute gentleman, but she just didn’t feel strongly enough to commit a relationship to him.

I agreed to do so — but not without an empathic sense of trepidation, knowing full well how much this guy liked her based on everything she told me. I was fully expecting, and dreading, a shitstorm to ensue.

Instead, this happened (the first image was the text I wrote and the second was his response). For context, the opening lines of the first text are referring to the guy opening up about his insecurities over not having had any relationship experience before.

Honestly, I’m blown away.

I put in that text everything I would’ve wanted to hear as a guy in his situation. Indeed, I have been in that situation — I just didn’t get anything close to the kind words I put here. As a result, I didn’t get the closure I needed and it took me far too long to move on from that experience.

Channeling my own experience, I knew I was saying the right things here. Still, I didn’t expect him to take it that well and respond with such maturity. I’m in awe. I feel both devastated for him and a tremendous amount of respect.

I just wanted to share because I feel like an exchange like this is an incredible rarity. Hopefully, some of y’all can take something from this and apply it your own dating lives.

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