I honestly envy women a lot when it comes to dating. Dating for men sucks

I think dating is very unfair to men and very advantageous to w, and you can’t talk about it because people get upset. The worst thing is to hear nonsense like “men have high standards” or “women are held to unrealistic beauty standars”. Really, what about male height? And that women are so selective and only match 1/20 or 1/100 men? Who has high standards here? If in every post or comment you see that men don’t mind if a woman earns minimum wage, lives with her parents, has self pity or is depressed…it’s the other way around, men have low standards, men always match in their league/social class.

I just wish men had the options that women have of having so many suitors, being desired easily, millions of options, dating up, etc. It’s not even about me, I just feel bad for men. I don’t think women envy not being picky and having 0 or little matches, 0 people approaching, etc.

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