I had an amazing first date with a girl I’m in love with last night.

She’s been my best friend since middle school and I finally decided it was time to ask and she said she literally wrote about wanting to be with me in her journal 11 years ago. For context we are both girls.

I took her out to this really nice seafood restaurant and we started with some oysters. She sat next to me when our food wasn’t around and we were laughing and giggling the whole time. I have been periodically stealing water cups from this restaurant since I’m a bit of a kleptomaniac but I sacrificed my horde to make this date extra fun. I brought a them in my purse and just kept adding and removing cups to the table throughout the night to make it hilariously confusing for the waiters. They seemed to enjoy our little game and she thought it was so funny when we left with 6 water cups on the table, some of which I had just taken from other tables. All in all it was a remarkable night with some remarkable kissing and I am so happy.

I don’t know if the theme of this is complaining about dating but I really wanted to share a story about something that went really well that was a long time in the making. And maybe somebody that reads this about to go on a first date with someone special can think about how to make a date a little hijinky and fun to seal the deal.

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