I gave up after one line.

I (41M) was dating my Girlfriend (31F) for more than a year. During the course of our relationship, we had our ups & downs like any other couple. We both made our intentions clear, which was to date with a purpose & find someone we can see ourselves marrying. We both thought we found that someone in each other. She also expressed interest in always wanting to be romantic. So, when one of my best friends asked me to be in his wedding, I took the opportunity to invite her. This entailed a week-long Cruise with some extra days away because the ship left from another state. Needless to say, I paid for everything, which was my good pleasure. I can honestly say that we argued too many times for my liking during that cruise, we almost broke up while still on the ship. After we got back, I still managed to do little mini staycations with her just to take her out of her house. When the summer time came, we didn’t do much of that because my job slowed down during those months, so I didn’t get paid as much; not to mention, I was getting my new business venture off the ground. Therefore, I didn’t have as much funds in the immediate present to allocate to outings. These are all things I made clear to her. She also knows this because our fields of work are somewhat related.

During an argument, I was trying to work things out with her & hopefully chalk things up to miscommunication. During the course of that conversation, she said “I’m no longer in love with you”. I immediately stopped trying and told her we need to end it if that’s the case. She immediately reversed gears & told me that I was giving up to easily & made me out to be the villain. I told her there are many things I’m willing to do for a woman, but to try and convince someone I’m already in a relationship with to be in love with me isn’t one of them.

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