So, I finally went on a date with my crush who i only talked on social media! And after 2 years of me having one sided crush on him, he asked me out. We went on a date. When he first saw me walking up to him in the coffee shop, he looked so awed! I asked him “what’s up? why’re you staring at me like that!” & he said he only saw pictures of me & he thought i am very pretty but he felt like it was too into his head & when he saw me infront of him, he thought to himself that “damn, she is real!” Upon hearing this i felt butterflies & smiled. I mean i was called beautiful a lot, but the way he put it, made it feel so geniune! We had the best time, the vibe was too good to be true! We had the same music & movie taste, so we had a lot to talk about! He broke up with his gf recently, and he opened up about that to me too. I don’t know why but he felt very honest and original! He also looked soo good, my crush just deepened more! It’s still feeling like a dream come true! He already asked me on a second date! well, I live in a colony which has two gates, so when he was walking me home, we passed the first gate & i said, “there’s another gate, let’s walk more” so at the second gate he said “why isn’t there a 3rd gate!” it took a sec to realise what he meant, & then i felt so happy. little things like that, random compliments, the way he looked, cared & observed me, made me feel too special. we kissed goodbye, the kiss was surreal! Man, i can’t get enough of his soft lips!!! okay, I am officially dying, call ambulance!!

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