I don’t know who needs to hear this but: You may face lots of challenges in life, but you must never deprive yourself from the liberty of experiencing love because life is too short and this world is temporary.

-You like someone? Tell them. If it goes great, you’d feel victorious. If it goes badly, you’d have clarity. Clarity is the BEST way to prevent those dreadful ‘what ifs’ and possible regrets. At least you wouldn’t have to go on for the rest of your life thinking what would’ve happened if you did have the guts?!

-You realized aren’t genuinely in love with your current partner? You should tell them. Not only is it unfair for them to be oblivious, you are also sacrificing your own happiness. Which is REALLY important. Break it off respectfully, let her find someone better for her and you go find someone better for you!

-Your job makes you unhappy? Seek new opportunities. Take action. Doing work that drains you can mentally destroy you. Find what you truly want to do and the passion will flow.

And so many other things but the point IS

Life is too short to spend your time on the wrong things! Everyone deserves to be truly happy. Self-care is important, look out for yourself, love?

Edit: obviously not everyone will find this useful, some may even disagree. But as I’ve said on the title, it’s for those who need to hear it. Its for those who need a little motivation! Peace and love x

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