I (26F) dodged a bullet by stalking my Tinder match (28M) on Twitter

Hooooly hell. I’ve been talking with this Tinder match, a very handsome, charming guy who’s a couple years older than me.

Three or four times, he made me feel a bit weird with comments like, “I love your style, you’re not too much. Most girls these days slather an inch of makeup on their faces” and things like that.

Then he asked if I’d like to go on a date, and I didn’t answer – I decided to Google his name first. I could see his full name in his IG handle (he’d offered to add me before). I found his Twitter pretty quick. And … hoooo boy.

This guy isn’t just a keyboard warrior, he’s a full-on cyber bully and a creep. He only targets women on Twitter, women he doesn’t even know but constantly levels verbal abuse at them under their selfies, commenting on their makeup and undermining their appearances (those women looked pretty gorgeous to me!). The intensity of his vitriol was insane. He’d tell them to hang themselves if they replied disparagingly to him, and his tweets all revolved around “females” and “feminazis”. One tweet aimed at a girl who told him to piss off essentially said, “Girls like you needed an abusive father.”

I actually reported his account. I don’t even know how it’s still active, with that kind of abuse. But that was definitely the same guy who talked to me – the little quirks in the way he types are all consistent. And what’s worse, when I searched his name on Twitter, I started seeing input from other women about him harassing them IRL. What the fuck.

TL;DR Boys and girls and everyone in general, look up the people you’re thinking of meeting. Some of them might just be sociopaths.

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