How to Use Farmers Only & Is It Worth The Investment?

Wondering how to use Farmers Only? And is it even worth your time and financial investment?

Let’s back up a bit.

City folks just don’t get it.

This is’s rally call.

City folks don’t understand you and they never will.

There’s only one type of person that understands country-western dancing and waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows — and it ain’t a New Yorker.

Founder and farmer Jerry Miller realized that with the great migration of young people from rural to urban areas that the country dating pool is shrinking. With this problem in mind, he leveraged the awesomeness of the Internet to create the solution in Farmers Only in 2005.

Miller divides singles into two categories. You’re either in the “high heels, blue suits, taxi cab” category, or the “wide open spaces and blue skies” category.

He heard countless stories about farmers and country folk not being able to meet anyone. City dwellers just didn’t understand that grabbing drinks at 9 p.m. for a first date wasn’t an option when farmers had to wake up super early to feed the animals.

As the name would suggest, Farmers Only is a niche dating site that targets farmers and those sympathetic to the farming lifestyle. To be clear, the Farmers dating site isn’t only for farmhands. You don’t need to snap a pic of your corn harvest to get accepted. Rather, Farmers Only is more so for country folk seeking other country folk.

The dating app that was launched in 2005 boasts over 1.5 million users according to some estimates.

With such a robust user-base for a niche site, it’s worth exploring the answer to “Is Farmers Only Worth It?”

First, Why Does Farmers Only Look So Familiar?

How in the world could a niche dating website be so popular?

It’s simple really.

Not only has it been around for a while, but it was really the first niche website to make any noise. To generate buzz Farmers created a series of viral commercials.

Their first-ever commercial includes a series of farm animals pondering whether their owners will ever find love. Other viral commercials that poked fun at city dwellers soon followed.

It’s these commercials that went viral with the help of celebs such as Ellen, Carrie Underwood, and Carmelo Anthony poking fun at them.

Is There a Farmers Dating App?

Popular dating sites launched in the early 21st century like and eHarmony have expanded and evolved to offer users an easy-to-use application. An ancient dating service — by online dating measures — Farmers Only too has dirtied its hands and created an app.

However, unlike the eHarmony and Match apps, Farmers Only’s app is atrocious.

So how bad are we talkin’ here?

Well for one it’s only available to android users. The android users that have used the app, have given it an average rating of 2.8 stars. Over 3,023 users have ranked it. More users have awarded it just one star than have given it five only dating

farmers only dating

Most of these Farmers Only reviews are complaints ranging from it being full of fake users, to the fact that it costs $11/month just to message users, to the design being uglier than a two-headed pig. While it’s been installed over 500,000 times, chances are it’s also been deleted just as often.

When searching for a Farmers Only app, I came across FarmersD thinking it might be the Farmers dating app.

To be clear, FarmersD is not Farmers Only.

This app however caters to the same audience that Farmers Only does. The major difference being that it’s mostly used by younger users, looks and feels a lot like Tinder, and is rated considerably higher than the Farmers app, coming it at an average rank of 4.3 stars.

So, Is Farmers Only Free?

Farmers Only is free… until it isn’t.

Creating an account is free.

Adding photos is free.

Perusing the website to see who’s close to you is free.

‘Flirting’ is free.

Even liking and disliking profiles is free.

However the moment you try to email a user, craft an original message, or join a live chat group called The Barn, you’re asked to subscribe and start paying a monthly fee.

How Much Does Farmers Only Cost?

-1 month/$21.95

-3 months/$13.32 a month

-6 months/$10.99

In order to meaningfully interact on the website, you must pay. When you do pay for a premium plan you’ll be able to:

-View who “liked” and visited your profile

-Upload as many photos as you’d like

-Send unlimited emails

-Read & reply to email via the Farmers Only mobile app

-View the status of other members and when they were last online

The Farmers Only dating site also allows users to converse via phone. For $4.95 you’ll be able to text other premium users. Even users that don’t also have the feature enabled will be able to receive and send messages to your phone. While you’re using SMS messages to chat, you’re not revealing your phone number. This is the closest an IOS user gets to using Farmers as a dating app.

How to Use Farmers Only – Their Dating Site

Creating An Account

I won’t mince words here, Farmers Only is dated.

The website is far from optimal. While it does function, it’s got some pretty weird kinks. Some of these kinks expose themselves when attempting to start an account.

Go to this link to log on.

You’ll notice you’ll have the option of using Facebook or your email address to log on.

If you use your email address you’ll notice that you never used a password to log in. If you find that odd, well, then yeah… it is. Immediately after creating an account, don’t log out. Instead, go to Account Settings and then click Change Password.

If you log in with FB you shouldn’t have these difficulties.

Personally, it took me a little while to eventually create an account. You’ll notice pretty early on that the site looks like it was created by a first-year Computer Programming major during his second week of classes.

If it takes a little while to create an account, don’t worry, it’s not your fault that Farmers Only hasn’t paid a developer to upgrade their site in 20 years.

What To Know When Creating A Farmers Only Account

The Farmers dating site is old-school… like AOL old-school.

Instead of using just your first name as so many other dating sites do, you instead are prompted to choose a username.

Depending on how you create an account, Farmers may assign you a generic username like, farmboy20048. While you might just be the 20,048th farmboy on Farmers you’re probably wanna go with something a tad more original.

To change your username, go to Account Settings >Change Username.

After you’ve changed your name it’s time to fill out your account.

Gals love visuals, so be sure to offer the ladies a roster of quality photos. With Farmers premium you’re allowed to post as many photos as you like. But being able to post every photo from your high school yearbook doesn’t mean you should.

Choose between 6-8 photos that both show what you look like and who you are. The first photo should be a close-up headshot followed by a full body shot. The other photos should showcase who you are. Also be sure to never wear the same clothing in two photos. Check out this article for tips on how to choose a quality photo for your profile.

After you’ve covered the most important aspect of profile creation — the photos — it’s time to fill out the rest of your profile.

This includes the profile headline, bio, habits, and lifestyle.

While there are plenty of cons about Farmers dating service, there is however one pro that few other dating websites have copied. The website allows you to present a clear picture of who you are.

It does this with the help of the habits and lifestyle portion of the bio. In it you’ll find that you’re prompted to disclose your religion, ethnicity, smoking and drinking habits, height, marital status, education, employment, number of children, sign, body type, and more.

Being able to carefully check certain boxes proves invaluable when searching for a partner.

Searching For Your Country Gal

There are a few ways to find and interact with users. The niftiest of the bunch is the one I hinted about just a second ago.

On the left side of your home screen, you’ll see the “Member Search” button. Once clicked you’ll be brought to the screen below.

This is what separates Farmers Only’s search preferences apart from other dating websites.

When it comes to online dating it can be easy to spend countless hours sifting through incompatible users until you finally find a compatible woman. With these detailed search preferences, you’re able to filter out women that quite literally haven’t checked off your boxes.

Keep in mind that if you’re in a rural area you won’t have an abundance of options. Stay open-minded when searching. Also be aware that many users forget to fill out their profile in-depth. She may not write her height, drinking habits, or age. What’s most important is to search for women within an age bracket of your liking and that are close enough to meet.

You also have the option of meeting people by clicking the Discover button to the left.

Once clicked you’ll be able to give the thumbs up or down to female users one by one. While the option at first glance is akin to how you’d swipe left and right on Tinder, this option gives you far less information about the user than even Tinder does.

In Discover mode, you’re only able to see a single photo of the user. Unlike Tinder you’re not able to change the distance search preferences. That being said, only users that are relatively close to your location will pop up.

You can also search for users by clicking on the Who’s Online button to the left of your homepage.

It’s here that you’ll find a host of women that have allegedly been online recently. Here you have the option of clicking on a user’s profile. Once their profile opens you’ll be able to read their bio and look at more pics.

Lastly, you can chat with active members at The Barn.

The Barn is simply a place where literally any and all users regardless of distance can talk to one another. It’s essentially a website-wide group chat open to any and everyone using the website.

While The Barn chat will always have members willing to talk it up, rarely if ever will you find a woman to chat with that you’ll ultimately date. I understand the urges that come from being lonely, but if your goal is to roll around in the hay with a female, don’t waste your time in The Barn.

Which Women Are Worth Talking To?

You’re figuring out how to use Farmers Only in order to chat women real life women, right?

Well, there seem to be an excessive amount of fake or inactive accounts on the Farmers Only dating site.

What gives me that impression?

Like I said before you can change your username (and should!). Upon logging in every user is given a generic username. What you’ll see is that most users haven’t changed that name. Now it could be because the site is difficult to navigate and they don’t know how to change it, or that they’re too lazy or fake to bother.

Another observation that leads me to believe many users are inactive, bots, or fake is the overwhelming number of users that have uploaded a single photo and haven’t’ filled out their bios.

This is a clear indication that the person just doesn’t care.

Stay away from these users. Just because her one photo is sexy doesn’t mean she’s worth investing time in.

Only message users that have more than one photo and have a bio.

Shooting a message to lazy users is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

So Is Farmers Only Worth It?

Honestly, it really depends.

Have you used other dating sites to no avail? Have you downloaded the likes of Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble and found that the gals near you aren’t having anything to do with ya?

If this is the case, maybe it’s time to try a last resort. As their testimonial page shows, single farmers that use the site have found love. In fact, my Aunt recently found a quality guy on Farmers Only — but their relationship eventually ended.

If you’re truly in the middle of nowhere it can’t hurt to try a one-month membership. If you’ve found that despite putting on your best cowboy boots and dropping a line no fish have bitten, close down the app and try somethin’ different.

Somethin’ Different

Online dating isn’t for everyone.

But when you feel stranded in the middle of an island with one single woman every 5 miles what else are you supposed to do?

Look, it’s difficult to go it alone, so don’t.

You don’t need to brave the single life alone. Consider hiring us here at emlovz to coach you through the rocky process of dating.

With our help you’ll learn the ins and outs of MegaDating. MegaDating is a dating strategy that involves dating various women at once. To do this we’ll not only teach you how to woo women but how to find them. You’ll learn how to mine for women online and in real life.

But hey, I realize that not every farmer out there has time to dedicate to meeting women.

That’s why in addition to coaching we’ll matchmake for you.

Sit back, tend to your plot of land and let us find compatible women near you.

We never recycle women or choose women from a limited database. Instead we deploy a team of e-recruiters that will source 1,000 women, weed the incompatible ones out until there are 50-75 left. From that batch, we’ll interview the remaining until we’ve found 15 to set you up with.

Schedule a 1-on-1 new client Zoom meeting with me or one of my coaches right now to learn how we can help you find love regardless of where you live or how many women are in your area.

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