How to not be insecure and feel intimidated by the close friend of the woman I am dating?

I (M31) am currently dating a wonderful woman (F33) for a month now. We have been on 6 dates so far and it’s going fine so far. We really are in sync with everything. She is amazing, talented, accomplished, ambitious and beautiful. When on the dates we talk on for hours. However, she never calls or texts though. We use phone to plan the dates and share any interesting article or funny pics.

Now on our 3rd date, when we were talking about our daily schedules, she mentioned that in the evenings after work she daily calls her parents and then after dinner often has long chats with a close friend. I thought that was sweet and there’s that.

However, yesterday on our date, she mentioned that she has painted a painting to gift to her close friend on his birthday next month. She showed me the painting. It has a silhouette of a woman and a guy kissing the neck. Then she told me that this painting is about her dearest memories. When I asked casually about her close friend. She said that they know each other from high school and they talk almost every single evening. They used to date 4 years ago for a year but it didn’t work out due to distance. Now he (M33) works as a successful lawyer in a different country. And then she talked a bit about her friend’s photography and story writing blog for a bit. We talked about other things later.

Now, we have another date lined up for next week. However, I am feeling a bit uncomfortable about her relationship with the close guy friend. I am feeling a bit insecure and intimidated by her guy friend. I don’t know if it is normal to have such a close friendship.

How to stop feeling insecure and intimidated?

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