How to Manifest Lasting Love

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Are you searching for lasting love? My podcast guest, Ken Bechtel, shares many powerful tips on how to manifest a love that lasts.

Lasting love…the golden ticket! My podcast guest, Ken Bechtel, is an expert in helping women attract in love that lasts. Ken’s a spiritual teacher, minister and love mentor. For over 20 years, he has led programs on how to build a solid foundation for love and create healthy partnerships that last. His specialty is helping women blossom into the best version of themselves so they attract the kind of partner that loves them completely inside and out.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

– Why getting into a relationship is NOT the key to finding love

– How a relationship is like a chair

– What to do to begin on the path to finding lasting love

– How a woman is like a rose

– How we unknowingly sabotage on our first date

-What to do if you want to succeed at partnership that lasts!

How to Manifest Lasting Love

Why do you say that getting into a relationship is NOT the key to finding love?

If we look at what relationship means, it’s how two people relate or behave towards each other. Partnership is a team, a shared soul level relationship. That’s the key. If you’re in a partnership, you’re in an agreement, so when they’re not with you, you’re still connected and working towards a mutual goal.

A relationship is like a chair. What do you give the chair? It’s doing all the work. When you get up, you don’t ask the chair what you can do for it. Most people are taught that relationships are one-sided. If you give and give, you’ll get back.

A partnership is like a teeter totter, where each is fully engaged. You participate together.

Where do you start on the path to finding lasting love?

Begin with getting your needs met. Most of us forget about our needs when we’re focused on others. When you know your needs, you’ll be able to know if someone can support you. Reconnect to your feelings as a first step.

How do most women sabotage their first date without even knowing it?

Women go on first dates trying to play it safe so they get the second date. It puts you in the lowest vibration of yourself. A high quality guy is looking for someone who’s bright and shiny. Don’t play nice. Be yourself.

What can women do differently to have their next first date be the one that leads to lasting love?

Practice ‘Safer Dating’. SAFER stands for:

  • Self-confident

We tend to hide who we really are and what we need if we feel attracted to a man. We play it cool. Be honest. You need to show him that you like him if you do. Receptivity is that if a man does something for you, stop thinking there’s a string attached. Receive it. Appreciate it.

What are your final words of advice for a woman who wants to go on her last first date?

Date safer. Bring the joy. Have a good time. If it’s ‘nice’, it’s never going to go anywhere. Bring your special. If he’s the one, there’s nothing that can mess it up!

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