How to Have a Successful First Date

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successful first datesuccessful first date

If you want to have a successful first date, follow the helpful tips I share in this video. You’ll be on your way to finding love online!

Successful first date? Did you know you can enjoy every date, no matter what he looks like, or how much he wants to talk about his ex. Learn how to redirect conversations, and see every date as an opportunity, not something you dread. Follow the tips in this video, and you’ll make every first date a success.

Successful First Date Tips

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The purpose of the first meet-date is to see if you want to go on a real date, whether it’s in real life or on video. I want you to enjoy the process so you don’t get burned out. That’s why I recommend you keep the first date short, ½ hour to 45 minutes, so you’re not drained, and you each other wanting more.

How to Prepare Before a First Date

Prepare for a first date just like you prepare for anything else that’s important in your life.

a. Prepare your stories (prepared statements about your divorce, never married, career changes, etc.)

b. Prepare your gem statements (your passions, your dreams, etc.)

c. Prepare your outfit, hair and makeup

d. Prepare mentally (calm your nerves, leave work behind, manage expectations)

How to Be Successful On the Date

a. Know how to make a great first impression

b. Learn first date conversation tips

c. Manage the conversation

d. Know how to end the date

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*Shoutout to dating coach, Bobbi Palmer who co-hosted the Ace the Date course with me and is the co-author of these excellent tips.


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