How to Get a Girlfriend Online (During Covid!)

How to Get a Girlfriend Online (During Covid!)

How to get a girlfriend online during covid is not much different than if there wasn’t a pandemic with restrictions.

In fact, the benefit of dating online during covid is being able to slow down and actually get to know each other.

Before we get into the tips for how to get a girlfriend online, you need to know how women’s experience on dating sites and apps differ from men’s.

I’ll also give you online dating tips for:

  • What photos to use
  • Your write-up / bio
  • The best ice-breaker to use
  • The best first date during covid
  • Dating sites or dating apps most suited for you

Why I’m Qualified to Provide Dating Advice to Men on Online Dating

Years ago, when I was single I tried out several datings sites and apps:

  • Plenty of Fish
  • Match
  • OKCupid
  • eHarmony
  • Fitness Singles
  • Christian Mingle
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Another one I can’t remember the name of that no longer exists!

From a female perspective, it’s easy to see how men’s profiles can be adjusted to be more appealing…

Especially to the kind of women they really want!

Then I offered dating coaching for men and did a 50 first dates project.

Yep, I offered real fake dates to men with me!

Nope, I don’t offer that anymore. Please don’t ask! ?

I provided honest feedback on how the dates went; something men don’t get on real dates.

The common “mistakes” men make on dating sites and apps are compiled in my short, comprehensive video program, Double Your Online Dating.

I’ve also spoken with many dozens of women of all ages about their experiences with online dating sites and dating apps.

Double Your Online Dating is 10 bucks US (price subject to change). It provides 45 tips for the best online dating strategies for photos, bio, ice-breakers, first dates and follow up.

Get it!

What Women Experience

In a nutshell, online dating is initially based largely on visuals.

And men are neurologically wired to notice physical looks more than women are.

If you don’t believe me, read The Male Brain by Dr. Louanne Brizendine. Dr. Brizendine is the founder of the first US clinic to study gender differences in brain, behaviour and hormones.

That’s not to say women don’t notice or value looks. We do.

However, on average there are more men who would sleep with a woman based on her looks than there are women who would sleep with a man based on his looks.

Yes, even with most millennials.

This means attractive women online get approached far more often by men than men get approached by women.

Be honest, are you approaching attractive or unattractive women online?


Things are changing, though.

The last stat I read indicated 40% of relationships that began online happened after the woman initiated contact.

Quick Tips for Your Online Dating Site Profile

Because my Double Your Online Dating program covers so many tips, I’ll go over just a few important tips from each category.


Although you’re best to have at least one photo of you looking happy, studies show women are more turned on by a man who looks serious.

If you’re only looking for a hookup, opt for more serious, mysterious images.

But if you’re looking for a girlfriend, post both sexy, mysterious photos, plus some fun, playful, happy photos.

Your photos are a visual summation of your personality and lifestyle.

Write-up / Bio

Whatever words you put or don’t put in your profile suggest what you’re looking for in a woman and in a relationship.

The fewer words you slip in, the more your profile is viewed by women as lacking depth, which either translates into lazy or looking for a hookup.

By the way, there’s no wrong answer for what you want.

If you definitely know you’re not interested in a relationship or you don’t want to make your intentions known, that’s ok.

If you want to get a girlfriend, writing something about yourself will appeal to women who are interested in a relationship and who are worthwhile getting for a girlfriend.

Remember, women are emotional creatures and respond better to feelings than facts.

Stories elicit emotions. Make sure your bio tells a story and isn’t just a list of info. #yawn


Again, unless you’re looking for a hookup, the best ice-breaker will be:

  • Relatively short
  • Refer to something: non-sexual, specific and personal about her photos or profile
  • Make her giggle or smile
  • Have an open-ended question

Good Example: Hey, Ashley. Great hiking pic. One of my bucket list goals: Inca Trail (if we’re ever allowed to travel again!) ? … If money was no object and you could travel anywhere where would you go and why?

Bad Example: Hey.

Best First Date During Covid

My Double Your Online Dating video program provides a cheatsheet with a list of date ideas, many of which you can partake in right now unless you’re on serious lockdown.

But to play it safe, the best first date during covid is simply meeting for coffee and/or going for a walk.

If you’re young and have a car, it may feel less awkward to go for a drive but offer to meet somewhere public first so she feels safe.

Normally, I consider going for coffee a non-date or pre-first date, but right now women feel safest doing something emotionally and physically simple.

Because men and physically bigger and stronger—thanks to testosterone, get yours checked—women instinctively feel a little unsafe with all men.

Don’t worry, this is a good thing. It’s also what makes us feel safe with men.

Wait, what?

Once we trust you, we feel safe knowing you have the physical capacity to keep us safe from other potentially unsafe men!

So, yeah, one of the most important steps on how to get a girlfriend online is making her feel safe with you.

I’ve seen many people on first and second dates during covid—yep, I ask them—all having coffee.

The Best Dating Sites / Best Dating Apps

Choosing a dating site or app will largely be based on your relationship goals and age range.

Generally speaking, the more info the site requires to sign up and/or the more money you must invest to make the site user-friendly, the more likely its users are ready for something more serious or long term.


You’re under 25/30 years old.

The younger you are the more likely you and the girls you’ll be into (or would like to be into), will be on dating apps that don’t require a lot of info.

I also recommend signing up for two or three different sites unlikely to have an overlap of users.

For Example

OKCupid and Match overlap with some of the same people on both, but…

  • OKCupid and Fitness Singles might not.
  • Or Match and OurTime, for singles over 50 years old.
  • Or Plenty of Fish and Tinder etc.

If you want the full meal dealio on online dating, get my Double Your Online Dating video program. It’s only $10US.

With over 45 tips plus bonus materials, you’ll have all you need to make the most of online dating and find your sweetheart faster.

xo AJ

p.s. Sorry, I no longer review dating site profiles, but I do offer coaching feedback on specific situations. You can find that service option here.

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