How to get a boyfriend: 13 tips to attract the guy of your dreams

There are times when finding a good date is not only hard but seems like a distant dream, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact, there are tons of tips on how to get a boyfriend. You just have to know how and when to start taking action. And this is precisely what we’d like to talk about today.

In this post, we’ll cover the places where you can meet a nice person and explore helpful interactions that will help you imprison his heart. Thus, grab a pen and a piece of paper because you’re about to learn how to get a boyfriend.

Ideas where to meet a boyfriend

First things first, before you can use our tips, you have to learn where you can get a boyfriend. And to do so, we compiled a list of places where you are most likely to meet a nice guy. Let’s take a look at each.


Bowling is one of those places that is criminally underrated. I mean, show me a guy that doesn’t like bowling. All of them do, and so should you. But it doesn’t mean that you have to beat him in the game, it means that you need to participate with him. Learn about him while you play that game.


Similarly to Bowling, most men like a good game of billiards. It’s a place where they can both relax and feel competitive. If you don’t know how to play billiards, don’t be discouraged because you, my lady, are in advantage. Most men wouldn’t mind teaching you, which opens up a good opportunity to ask him a few questions, learn who he is, and what he is up to tomorrow after work.


While this one might seem like a bad idea, you’d be surprised how many people visit clubs, parties, and concerts to meet new potential partners. And the best part of all of this, those that are taken, usually come with their partners, meaning you’ll know exactly who is free at the moment. So, bring on your A-game, your favorite dress, and start partying.

Of course, we’ll mention It is one of, if not the best dating sites out there. It has a massive install base, all the filters you might ever need, thousands of verified profiles, and there’s also a dedicated mobile app. Oh, and did we mention that it’s super easy to use? You can only communicate if both of you hit the “Like” button. Now go make an account there and start meeting people.

Things To Do With A Guy

Now that we’ve learned where you can meet new men, it’s time that we talk about what can help you appear more interesting to him.

1. Get to know him a bit

Every time you say “I need a boyfriend” a man is being taken. Why? Because it isn’t just about you. You have to learn about the person as much as you can because it will not only help you in the long run but will highlight you as a caring, curious person. Besides, you’ll never know who you end up meeting, so learning something about him might save you the trouble later.

2. Don’t Worry

Another important thing to keep in mind is that worrying will only get you so far. Remember, he, just like you, is also worrying to some degree and it’s okay to be a little anxious. Although, the panic is bad. If you can’t say a word and your arms are sweating, the face looks pale, he’ll probably call an ambulance instead of a restaurant. We suggest that you try to be honest and tell him that you are a little bit nervous. Trust us, the fear will subside once you acknowledge it, and if he’s a nice person he’ll tell you the same.

3. Be Open to Opportunity

Many girls don’t know how to get a boyfriend because they don’t know how to seize an opportunity. It’s all about being attentive. We suggest that you look for things that will allow you to shine, to reveal your personality. If you don’t see any, you can create them. Why waste time seeking out all your opportunities when you can take full advantage right away?

4. Be yourself

Another mistake most girls do is that they try to be someone they aren’t. Nobody likes pretentious bullcrap. What people do like is uniqueness. Every person is unique in a way and the more you stop being someone who you aren’t, the more he’ll find you attractive. Oh, and while we are on the subject of being yourself, remember to stay honest. People like honesty.

5. Flirt

Every time someone asks us how to get a boyfriend interested in you, we say flirt. Every man (and frankly, women) love a good flirt. It spices things up, it reveals desires, and it can show you how far you two have come in the conversation. But remember one thing, flirting is a timed thing, if you feel like it’s too early to flirt, it probably is. Don’t rush things as things can go sought really fast.

6. Show him what’s unique about you

While you might know how to get a boyfriend, you probably don’t know how to make him value you. It’s one of the most common problems out there. When you are so focused on him, you tend to forget about yourself, which means that you will look less attractive to him. Remember, every man is a hunter, and if the catch is too small, he’ll definitely throw it back. You need to show him that you are hot stuff and he’ll miss out if he continues to wait.

7. Mind your manners

Manners are everything. Like, everything. The more versed you are, the more he will notice. Nice guys don’t want a naughty girl, they want a lady as you represent their choice. We suggest that you take a few classes and read a few books before you decide to head over to the restaurant with him. A good conversation at the table can take a long way.

8. Spend a lot of time together

One of the best ways to make him yours is to spend quality time together. This will not only allow you to be near him but will help him associate your presence with positivity. Go to the cinema, go for a walk, don’t mind helping him with something, as well as don’t mind asking him to do the same for you. The more you two are together, the better, as you’ll have more time to communicate.

9. Become best friends

This one is a little tricky because there’s a fine line between being best friends and being friend-zoned. You have to be just enough of a friend for him. You don’t want to overdo it as he will think you two are just friends and he’ll stop viewing you like something more special. Make sure there’s enough intimacy between you and him for this guy to start looking at you differently.

10. Be Confident

Everyone loves confident people. They shine bright, they are easy to be around, and they are all about success. Men are no different. As soon as they see a confident woman, they view her as a trophy they wouldn’t mind winning. This tip is heavily tied to tip number six as the more you demonstrate your confidence while showing your uniqueness, the more likely he will start taking action, which is precisely what we want.

11. Find common things

While finding common things can be hard it doesn’t mean that they have to be large and significant. In fact, it’s the small stuff that matters. Whether you enjoy a song together or both hate carbonara pasta, things like these will help you “click” together. Although there is a thing that can kinda ruin everything. You see, the more common things you have the faster his interest (and yours, probably, too) will wind down.

12. Help him

When we say “Help him” we don’t mean that you should do his gardening for him. What we mean is that you can help him make an informed decision (like going with you to the restaurant), help him learn something complex, help him cope with stress, and so on. Men like when they are given advice but do keep in mind that he will do as you advise him to. Just try to be present when he needs help and before you know it, you’ll be helping him move his stuff to you.

13. Communicate through social media

Sometimes being there every single day is not possible but thankfully, we have social media platforms. These timewasters can be damaging in a relationship but prior to serious relationships, they are invaluable. Not only you can leave a message but send a picture, share a song, even send him oodles of cat videos. He will appreciate the attention and you will have an excuse to talk to him while he is away. But again, don’t overdo it.

Bottom Line

And that’s pretty much it. Landing on a good date can be a tough process but that is only the beginning. We hope our tips will help you connect with the man of your dreams or at least help you feel more confident. For now, that is all we have. Be sure to come back for more articles like this and we’ll see you soon.

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