How to explain reason why I don’t want to move forward after first date?

I (25M) met this girl on an app, and she seemed really interesting. Over text we flirted and got to know one another, but when we met she seemed a little too vain for me.

I’m not trying to be holier than thou, bc I get it as a gen z/millennial peer w the rise of social media, but this is not an attractive trait in a partner for me. She was a little too into her “aesthetic” and trying to appear effortlessly intellectual and interesting than actually being it.

For example she said she loved going to museums and was an art aficionado and named some great works. I do too, great! But when I asked her more about it she only showed me pics of her in front of the art in quirky outfits and had no real commentary. Which is fine…but she kept trying to come off like an “artsy” type by flexing these photos on her instagram.

Another example, she said she majored in stats in school and loved math. So I started talking about the bell curve and she didn’t know what I was talking about. I though this was a basic stats concept esp for someone who majored it, but i wasn’t a stats major so maybe not? She continued on about how math is so fascinating and interesting and she enjoys the theory more than the application.

She has followed up on date 2, and I said I don’t think we’re a match but good luck. She said I owe her a reason at least given how great we were getting along over text before meeting irl, how do I explain without sounding mean? Should I just leave it?

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