How to Escalate a Relationship

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How do you escalate a relationship without chasing, nagging, or demanding? In this video, learn how to speak up and ask for what you want!

Cynthia wrote in from Italy: “I went on one date with a guy, and he seemed very interested in me. Now, we’re on lockdown because of the pandemic, and we only communicate by phone once a week: he calls, and then the following week I call him. Yes he’s busy, but not that busy he can’t call a little more. I don’t know what I should do, because I don’t want to be the one chasing him.”

How to Escalate a Relationship…Without Chasing

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Cynthia, thanks for writing in. It’s very common for women to want men to escalate the relationship, but they’re afraid of ‘chasing’.

What’s up with all the dating advice that says, ‘women don’t chase’? I don’t think asking for what you want is ‘chasing’. My Woman of Value Dating Principle is: Be assertive, not aggressive. When you’re assertive, you express your needs.

Ask for what you want, but do it in a way that makes him feel connected. He can’t read your mind, so if you want him to call or video chat more often, ask him. Tell him WHY it’s important to you.

Watch the video to hear HOW to ask so you don’t come across as needy. Do it this way, and he’ll see you as a woman of value!

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