How To Do Sexy Flirting With Women

Knowing how to flirt is really important if you want to be successful at dating, but it can be really tough figuring out how to do it right. Just like anything, it takes some know-how and a lot of practice to become good at the age old art of flirting. Lucky for you, I’ve got everything you need to know to get started right here.

Get the eye contact right

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll probably already be aware that eye contact is an important part of sexy flirting. There’s something about catching another person’s eyes that can make you feel vulnerable – almost naked – and that’s pretty darn sexy.

The problem is that many people think you need to give someone sustained and prolonged eye contact in order to come across as sexy and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Staring at someone can actually make them feel really uncomfortable and that’s the last thing you’ll want if you’re looking to take someone home.

What you actually need to do is catch someone’s eye and then quickly look away. Then do this two more times. That’ll show them you’re interested, without coming across too strong. If you catch them looking back at you, you’ll know you’ve got their attention. You can get some good sexy flirting action at sites like Fapper Chat

Be suggestive – in a subtle way

There is an art to being suggestive without being creepy. The aim here is to get her imagination going without being crass. A women might briefly bite her lip or touch the nape of her neck to signal that she’s interested, but men might find this a little trickier and that’s because men aren’t always used to be subtle.

A phrase like “you get all flushed when you talk about politics. It’s a good look on you”. This will make her think about sex but you’re also acknowledging her passion for something that is important to her. It’s a double win.

Test their personal space

Moving into someone’s personal space can be a risky move, so you don’t want to stay too long. The trick here is to have some reason to move into their space and then move back out again. Whether you’re reaching over to fill their glass or simply move past them on your way to the bar, linger for a second – but not too long. You’ll find that if they enjoyed this, they’ll find a reason to get closer to you again.

Smile at them

If you don’t know the difference between a mischievous smile and a smile you’d give your grandmother, learn the difference now – it can be a really powerful flirting move. There is nothing sexier than a cheeky smile – it tells the other person that you’re not only fun but that you also have a secretive, exciting side to you.

Learning how to do sexy flirting can be tough because it’s all about finding the perfect blend of subtlety and confidence – something that is really only possible with time and a lot of practice. So what are you waiting for – get practicing!

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