How To Choose A Decent Dating Site: 7 Major Hints

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating became a huge business over the last decades and there are more and more singles deciding to try it out simply because it is nearly guaranteed they will end up finding someone compatible enough. A recent survey of 19,000 people who married between 2005 and 2012 found that 35 percent of these new couples met online, with about half of those meeting through an online dating site. According to statistics found online, there are over 100 million online dating enthusiasts worldwide and the number keeps on rising as time goes on.

Sadly, online dating does not seem to be working well for everyone who gives it a try. For example, 30% of adults in the U.S. admit to having using dating websites or applications. The majority of them claim their experience was overall very positive, but there are other users such as younger women who have also reported some negative experiences such as getting unwanted explicit messages and getting harassed too. So choosing a proper website for beginning your online dating life might be not a simple task, considering how overwhelming it can be. But if you follow the right approach in such selection and will pay attention to some key things there are more chances you will end up with only positive experience! And we will help you with that in this article providing you with some easy steps on how to choose your website properly and on what you should look at first!

If you are really considering trying out online dating, you are most likely wondering about ‘’what is the best online dating site for me?’’. If this is the case, continue reading as we will provide you with all of the tips and information you need to find the best dating site for you.

Where to begin?

One of the most important things you want to think about before choosing a dating website is – What are you actually looking for? It is extremely important to know the answer to this question as you surely do not want to spend your time on the wrong website looking at people you are not interested in. Ask yourself, are you looking for love or you are looking for a hookup? Do you care about the age of your date, their beliefs, and/or interests? The more you think about these things, the less time you will waste trying to find someone.

1. Choosing a dating site by the technology it uses

Certain dating websites offer questionnaires when signing up, while others focus on swiping more than anything else. Signing up on an online dating website adds you to the database of the website and if the website features a questionnaire upon registration, this means all of the answers you have given will be used to help you find a perfect date. Of course, there are match-making applications and websites such as Tinder, where you will be asked very little, but still often people browse through your profile and swipe depending on how they like you. On the other side, there are some sites, which combine those technologies, to make it easier for you. Although DoULike is also based on swiping, it gives you the chance to see not only the users’ photos, but the whole info of the user’s profile. This means you will have a simple choosing process, and also enough personal info about the person to make your proper choice. It is entirely up to you to decide how you would like to have it once you jump into the world of online dating.

2. Paid or Free Dating Websites

Are you able to pay for a dating website or do you want to try your luck using free services instead? It is important to decide this as there are many online dating websites and applications out there that offer some truly awesome features upon subscribing. Most free dating websites do not have such features and it will be much harder finding a decent match.

If you decide to actually pay for a dating site, there is a higher chance you will end up using it with more care. This is usually a rather common thing to see – people who pay for dating websites generally seem to come back to it a lot more frequently than people who do not. This makes sense, considering no one really likes to spend their money on something they will not use. Many paid websites request the paing for the possibility to see your matches and get messages from other users. But you can find a lot of other options called ‘’freemium sites’’ that, combine free and paid features.

For example, is a great choice, as it will give you the option to find your matches and see the full info on their profiles. You will pay only after you end up messaging with your matches. This means you will actually know what you are paying for and there will be no issues with this. To make it even better, paying for dating websites also ensures you get most of the features the website offers and helps you find that special someone in a shorter amount of time.

3. Demographics on Dating Websites

Most people already know what they are looking for in a person, when visiting a dating website, whether it is specific gender, nationality, or age. Since one of the most important things is actually knowing what your purpose is on the dating website, there are usually searching tools that allow you to look for a specific type of people.

According to the studies, the majority of U.S. adults claim they have been using dating sites or applications, however, it all varies a lot by their sexual preferences and their actual age. There are 48% of people who are 18 to 29 years of age, followed by 38% of people aged 30-49. So It is important to say that a whopping 71% of online daters believe it is extremely important for users to upload their photographs, as well as the specific type of relationship they are interested in.

4. Establishing Your Purpose On Dating Websites

As already mentioned above, knowing what you are looking for is one of the first things you need to establish before you register for a specific dating website. Figure out whether you want to do it for fun, a serious relationship, a hookup, meeting someone new, and/or marriage. You certainly do not want to use a website known for setting up great hookups if you are looking for a serious relationship. There is a higher chance to meet up with someone you actually looked for if you know what you want, and pick a decent website to do so.

5. Finding Exactly What You Are Looking For

We all have something we look for, some of us would want to date a foreign person, some would like to find a BBW to date and call their own. Knowing what exactly you are looking for can be very helpful simply because there are plenty of dating websites out there that were designed for a specific group of people. If you are, for example, a lesbian, you certainly will want to try out LGBT-friendly dating website, that will provide you with more results than a regular dating website.

The more choices there are, the easier it is to find someone you will find interesting, so it will shorten up the time you spend browsing through. So just look up for the dating sites that are known for having what you want. In the modern online dating world, there are so many options out there depending on your purpose and preferences. You can find your community by the sexual preferences (Gay, Lesbian) race and nationality (Interracial, Black, Mexican), religion (Christian, Jewish), interests (Military), and age ( or Personal ads. So here we mentioned just a few niche dating sites you can find on the web, depending on your preferences:

LGBT Singles

If you are member of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) these categories on dating websites will certainly help you out find your perfect match. Or you can simply go with a specific site dedicated only for LGBT. For example, many LGBT singles have been found on most dating sites and if you give it a try, it is nearly certain you will find someone to call your date! There are over 13 million singles found on the website overall, which means it will not be very hard to find your match in no time.

BBW Singles

If you are a fan of BBW (Big Beautiful Women) BBW categories are a great choice, as there are many big beautiful women out there on the dating websites looking for their match. Browse through, and who knows, maybe you manage to find your dream BBW!

Military Singles

There is a dating niche for everyone, even people who are looking for military singles! If you are one of the people, who love to see a man in a uniform, especially a military uniform, this category might be what you are looking for.

6. Staying Safe When Using Dating Websites

Dating online is great, however, there are also certain things you need to keep in mind if you want to stay safe and not get into strange situations:

  • Always pick a reputable dating website
  • Never expose too much about yourself on your profile
  • Be careful of people, who always have a sob story
  • Never rush anything
  • Sexting is fun, but be careful and do it only with trustworthy people
  • Listen to your gut feeling
  • Use reporting feature to get rid of scammers and spammers
  • Be careful when meeting in person with a stranger
  • Never reveal your private information online to someone you just met

7. Try multiple sites or services to find your favorite

Online dating is in practice very simple once you get to understand how it functions and how to actually drag people to your profile. Profile creation plays a huge role in how popular you will be on dating sites and of course, the website you choose as well. It is advised you take time to try out multiple dating websites if you want to accomplish better results. Getting to experience different websites for online dating can give you a better insight into the things you are looking for. Read some of the reviews for online dating websites you are interested in and pick those that fit your criteria! Knowing you are ready to try out online dating, now is the perfect time to give it a try.

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