How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost? The 4 Tiers

A matchmaker is who you turn to after dating apps have swiped the patience out of you.

After your fingers are callus from the seemingly infinite hours you’ve put in swiping right to romantic avail over the past months or years.

Or maybe you don’t even have time to swipe. Maybe you’ve turned to a matchmaker because you work crazy hours and don’t have enough energy to expend trying to make a romantic spark out of damp sticks.

This is why people turn to matchmakers.

We’re the ones that allow you to get on with your life as we find you compatible singles to date.

Matchmakers may seem weird at first, but we’ve been around since antiquity. Hell, we even make an appearance in the Bible. That’s right, if it wasn’t for Eliezer waiting for hours at the local watering hole for someone to offer a drink of water to his camel, Abraham’s son Isaac may have never found a wife.

The whole Eliezer hooking Abraham’s son up was great PR for us and we’ve been in high demand ever since.

But not every matchmaker is the same both in terms of how much they charge and the tactics they use.

Before you shack up with a matchmaker, you’ll want to know “how much does a matchmaker cost”, and what your money will be getting you.

How Much Does a Matchmaker Cost? The Tiers

Entry Level Matchmaking Services

Not every matchmaker is human.

The cheapest and least matchy of matchmakers (and objectively speaking the least efficient) are dating apps.

To be clear, not every app should be considered a dating service. Only apps that have been upgraded and paid for are considered to be of matchmaker quality.

One of the most popular entry-level matchmaking services is Bumble Premium.

Bumble Premium’s features include unlimited swiping, advanced filters, unlimited match extends, the beeline, spotlight, travel, and 5 super swipes.

For a lifetime Bumble Premium membership you’ll only need to dish out $200.

When you use an app like Bumble or Tinder, it’s you that really has to put in the work of finding singles to date. Then there are apps like Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel that will attempt to match you with semi-compatible users.

Hinge’s feature, Most Compatible uses machine learning to attempt to set you up with other users that its algorithm thinks you’d like.

There really isn’t an app out there that acts as a matchmaker.

The closest thing to a virtual matchmaking app still requires that its users actively use it in order to meet singles.

With these apps, you won’t have a personal matchmaker, but you’ll have access to the biggest databases’ in the world to find yourself a date. And while that sounds good, it’s not always enough to find you a meaningful romantic partner.

What good is a giant database and access to millions of women if you don’t know how to use the tool?

That’s where a coaching program (yes, one such as ours) can help you out.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know about online dating.

You’ll learn about which apps to use, how to create the perfect profile, how to score a phone number and ask a woman out with a TDL, and how to plan the perfect first date along with a host of other dating skills.

In 12 weeks via (12 zoom sessions), we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the dating scene. You’ll be able to embark on this dating makeover solo or in a group of 6-12 other singles just like you.

Low-Priced Matchmaking Services

These are the small-time local matchmakers.

They’re most likely based in your city or county and pride themselves on being local experts. Of all the human matchmakers on the market they’re the most pocket-friendly. A membership will most likely cost you between $3-4k.

When you team up with a local matchmaker you’ll probably enlist the help of just the matchmaker and an assistant or two.

One of the issues with this is that they can’t provide as many services as a larger matchmaking service might. For example, when it comes to finding you a romantic counterpart they may look no further than other paid members.

Imagine that this kind of matchmaker only has 100 or so clients to their name. That’s a fairly shallow dating pool. More likely than not you’ll be set up with people who are nice, but aren’t compatible enough to make you want to see them again.

A local matchmaker won’t have a recruiting team reaching out to women in your area or setting up speed dating events. For the most part they’ll dip into their database of current or former paid members whenever they want to match you up.

Such a compact team also means that these matchmakers rarely offer coaching programs or pre-post dating coaching.

When selecting a city-based matchmaker, check their Yelp and Google reviews. Call up a past customer to learn about the experience they had. You want to be careful here because you’re working with a sole proprietor who could close up shop at any moment. Do your due diligence in ascertaining if they’re qualified or not.

What’s also important is that you read the fine print before signing anything.

There are those deceptive matchmakers that will sign you up for a 6-month membership but won’t promise a certain number of matches. What’s most important isn’t the length of time you enlist their services, but rather how many compatible dates they’ll set you up on. For a $3-4k fee, you should expect to go on at least 4 to 5 dates.

Mid-Price Matchmaking Services

These are your platform-based companies like us here at emlovz, Threedayrule, or Tawkify.

Generally priced right in the middle of your city matchmaker and your “elite” matchmaking services – date packages generally start at 6 dates and go up to 12 dates.

Some, like us at emlovz, have a growing database and recruiting teams that go out and hunt down dates for clients. When you team up with us, we’ll set our e-recruiters loose on the singles in your area. They’ll comb through the city you live in searching for singles we think are compatible with you.

After coming up with a list of 500 or so singles they’ll weed out the list until there are 50-75 names remaining. From here we’ll interview each person until we have a final list of 6-12 people that you’d be perfect for. Our system is novel and gets results. We don’t rely on a stagnant dating pool full of recycled current and past customers. With us, the area you live in is your dating pool.

But we don’t just set you up with the person of your dreams and let you fend for yourself.

That’d be like gifting a Tesla to someone that doesn’t know how to drive.

To equip you with the skills you need to blow your date away we also offer you a personal matchmaker, pre/post date coaching, surveys at the end of every date, a date booklet to keep you on track when you’re MegaDating, and something that pretty much no other matchmaker offers. What will turn you into the type of person that everyone wants to date is our 3-month private or group based coaching programs that you can add on to your matchmaking program if you desire to master dating once and for all.

All in all, these mid-priced platform based matchmaking services are your safest bet because you’re not relying on a sole proprietor to set you up, but you’re also not spending $30-50k for a membership.

You could of course stick with dating apps or local matchmakers, but the point of consulting with a matchmaker isn’t just to find you a date, it’s to find you a long term partner.

High Priced/Elite Matchmaking Services

When scrolling on IG, do you ever cross paths with the rich and famous?

I’m talking about the people that own their own jets, attend weekly galas, and have personal chefs for their dogs.

For these types of singles, there is the Million Dollar Matchmaker. For CEOs, founders, and millionaires looking to jetset with a partner by their side, packages start at $45k – mere pocket change.

There’s a market here, but whether or not they actually do a better job than a platform company is the question.

Make sure to ask them how many matches they will guarantee you and if you’ll receive any coaching.

You’ll also want to know how often they’ll communicate with you and if you can chat with them after dates. Make sure you have the answers to these questions before handing over a small fortune. Just because you’re paying more doesn’t mean your experience will be better than one offered by a platform service.

Don’t believe me? – just ask Darlene Daggett.

Darlene was a retired corporate executive that paid $150,000 to a matchmaking company in the hopes of finding a partner she could see herself spending the rest of her life with.

Instead of being paired up with the most successful silver fox bachelors around, she found herself going out with men that were highly incompatible, married, mentally unstable, or had criminal backgrounds. These weren’t exactly the type of men she was looking for. Sure bad boys are cool every once and a while but not cool enough to merit the $150,000 price tag.

She ultimately sued her millionaire matchmaker.

What Now?

Did we answer your question of “How much does a matchmaker cost?”

Look, you can always keep doing what you have been. But you and I know this will result in the same old things happening again. First dates will be seldom and when they do take place your date isn’t what you had anticipated.

If you’re ready to change your fortunes, it might be time to hire a matchmaker.

Now that you’ve speed-dated a few different matchmakers you might be ready to make your decision.

Before making a decision really think about what your romantic goals are.

If you want to putz around a shag a few people, use dating apps. But if you’re serious about being set up with someone incredible, think about hiring a matchmaker. Every matchmaker has their pros and cons, it’s just up for you to decide which one to trust.

Remember that most matchmakers will set you up on a date and then pat themselves on the back as if their job is done.

What you need is someone that can really walk you through the dating process. Someone that is there for you before and after dates.

If you’re interested in a simple date, contact your local matchmaker. But if you’re interested in a comprehensive dating service, talk to us at emlovz.

You can do so by booking an intro 1-on-1 Zoom session with us to begin talking about how we can improve your dating life.

When we talk, we’ll listen to your needs and create a dating plan that is tailor-made to work for you.

Whether it’s a complete romantic makeover you’re in need of or just want to be set up with amazing people, we’ve got you covered.

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