How investing in myself lead to better dates

For months I was seeing someone who made me feel insecure, ugly and worthless. After we parted ways, I took a hiatus from dating and now only recently I’ve started to put myself back out there. During my ‘time off’ I engaged in a-lot of introspection and while doing so, I was brutally honest with myself.

For my entire life, I had rationalized other people’s bad treatment of me by finding fault in myself- in romantic and platonic relationships alike. So I cleaned house and cut off people who didn’t empower me. I found refuge in the family and friends who valued my presence in their life and began doing things that made me feel good. I became the woman I wanted to be friends with and the woman who Id want to date. Now, the only expectation I have is to be treated with respect.

I’ve gone out on two proper dates and holy shit I actually enjoyed myself?! My dates made an effort to get to know ME and not my cup size. They didn’t treat our time together like a transactional encounter, nor did they even attempt to get into my pants. For the first time in my life, I left a date feeling dignified and HAPPY.

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