How I would fix OLD

Have an app where you can only send 3 likes a day. The other user knows immediately when you liked them.

There is no boost, ELO or algorithm. Profiles that have been inactive for a week get taken out of the deck (until you resign on).

Also you can only have a max of 5 matches at a time. Once you hit 5 matches, you get taken out of the deck unless you unmatch someone.

This will prevent women from getting completely flooded with likes / and matches. And it will make men a lot more picky and practical on who they right swipe on.

I got this idea after my friend made a tinder and she had 40ish likes before she even had a chance to upload photos. The current system is very broken.

Edit: In order for the app to make money, I would have an option where you pay 20 bucks a week to see what your stats are: How many people swiped left on your profile / where on your profile they decided to swipe left. Where on your profile they decided to swipe right.

Also maybe even a heat map that shows where most users in your area go on their first dates. That way you’ll have ideas for a good coffee spot or something. Pretty much copying Starva’s system that they do with hiking trails / bike paths. Another feature people can pay for.


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