He didn’t want commitment so I dropped him

I’m making this post because I finally dropped the guy I’ve been talking to for 6 months.

Backstory: I (F21) met this guy (M25) on tinder back in July and we went on a couple dates in person, and then we became “long distance” for 4 months because of school. We constantly texted every single day. When I got back from school we went on more dates and I slept with him a few times. Everything was great, however I began to wonder what we were and if he was going to ask me to be his gf. We never spoke about our intentions when we first started talking (I never thought we’d talk for this long) so I decided I needed to bring up the “talk” after the new year since at this point we had been talking for 5 months. When we had the talk I found out he didn’t want a relationship because he’s not really about commitment and to my surprise he’s never been in a relationship before. I told him I wanted to get into a relationship but then I decided I was fine with being fwb. Everything was okay, but after two weeks of being fwb I realized it wasn’t making me happy anymore. I kept wondering if he was fucking other girls or if he was talking to anyone else, which made me realize being fwb was only draining my happiness, and the sex wasn’t even good enough to stay fwb.

Slowly I began trying to distance myself and I finally decided to drop him after our latest hangout. During our hangout it clicked that although he became a friend, in the end he just wanted me for sex. I realized it was best for me to get myself out of this situation for the sake of my own happiness. I texted him that I wanted to end what we had going on, and he said It was fine and I should do what is best for me.

I wish I didn’t feel sad right now. It’s unfortunate I’ll no longer talk to him every day. He’s a great guy, but he couldn’t offer the commitment I wanted. I wonder if he cares at all, if he’s sad, or if he’s going to miss me and regret not wanting to commit, etc. However I try to remember that he didn’t like me enough to commit, so its best to stop wasting my time and energy on him.

I’m proud of myself for finally being able to let go.

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