Had a great second date!

I met this guy on hinge a week and a half ago. We hit it off immediately. We met up last Thursday for coffee and talked for 4.5 hours. I really enjoyed my time, but I wasn’t sure if I was feeling more of a friend or romantic vibe. I def wanted to see him again though to feel it out.

I had to put it off almost a week and meet yesterday (Wednesday) and I was SO nervous beforehand. We were constantly texting in between btw. But I just didn’t know if I liked him and thought it would be weird and felt a lot of pressure. But I went anyway.

I met him at his apartment and immediately felt at ease. We talked about our families and stuff. Then we went to this fancy restaurant and it was great. Then we walked around the city and we’re just chatting it up. We shared childhood stories, talked about our sisters and parents, college, how we don’t want kids etc. then we went back to his apartment and listened to records for a bit and chatted about music.

Then he said “in the least weird way possible, do you wanna come to my room and watch music videos?” I’m like hell yeah. He has a huge projector and we’re talking about our fav grunge bands and laughing over how he thought every Bush song was by Nirvana.

Then we just left the music on auto play and talked about everything. We talked about what we want in a relationship, how a lot of people stay in unhappy relationships, and how being single is not that bad (been a year for me). Then we just laid in his bed and talked about feminism and our experiences with feminist and masculinity and what was forced onto us growing up. How dating was so weird in high school and no one told you what to do.

It was very flirty and there was def some tension, but we literally just talked and then I said I had to go after midnight. No kiss, but I’m thinking I have to make a move next time. I’m so into him. I’m actually glad I didn’t listen to my gut!!

We’re seeing each other again on Sunday 🙂

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