Guys who would be in a serious relationship with a woman who does Onlyfans, how/when should I bring it up?

I’m a 25F (turning 26 in a few months) and I’ve been a camgirl since I was 21, but transitioned to Onlyfans about 6 months ago. I do and have always treated this like a full time job – I market, produce, edit all my own content. I have done B/G content with guys I’ve dated in the past, but currently only do solo and light G/G content with my best friend. We’re not attracted to eachother in that way, it’s a job for both of us.

I’m not seeing/dating/hooking up with any guys right now. I have no plans on quitting anytime soon – I make good money and it’s the only job I’ve ever actually enjoyed.

First, I’ll say: I understand the vast majority of guys would not date a woman who does Onlyfans, at least seriously. I’ve accepted this fact, understand this fact, no need to constantly remind me of it 🙂 It was part of the mental calculation I did in my head when I decided if I wanted to pursue it.

But for the guys who would commit seriously to a woman who does Onlyfans (if you were compatible/saw a future with her), how should I bring it up to you?

I feel like going on multiple dates before bringing it up wastes both our time, I don’t put it on my dating profiles because I don’t want to attract guys only looking for hookups (and I’m not trying to advertise it), I’m just trying to figure out the best way to go about this.

I haven’t been in a relationship since college (before I started) and I’d really like someone I can grow with. I know what I’m looking for is niche, but I’m also hoping there’s some way I can convey that there’s benefits to it – I make good money and am responsible about saving, I don’t have any children (and don’t want them), my own place, I keep a small circle and am a “homebody”- not a party girl, already got it out of my system. I can take my partner out to dinner, go on occasional nice trips since my schedule is flexible. I also have a wide variety of interests (I play guitar, sing, love stand up). There’s a lot more to me.

I’ve tried more “niche” sites like Fetlife but most of the guys put their fetish before anything else. I’ve tried poly/non-monogamy but I’ve grown tired of consistently being an option and not a priority.

How do I go about this? I want a serious relationship, not a hookup and not a FWB. I want someone who actually will be supportive of this – not just roll their eyes and tolerate it. Some advice would be truly helpful!

Thank you all!

(I also mostly date men 26-35, so while I’m totally open to advice from younger guys, 21-24 isn’t really my target demographic I’m looking for)

(And please don’t downvote this just because you don’t like Onlyfans. I get that it’s pretty much become a meme at this point, but I never spam message people or put it on dating app bios. Thanks!)

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