Guys who can’t get any matches or can’t get any dates stay strong!

I’m 6’0, make $200k+(in NYC), work out, and I can’t get any dates either. It doesn’t matter if the woman is black or white, 5’0 or 6’0 ,unemployed or a doctor, skinny or chubby I still get ghosted. I’m not worried though, even though I don’t appeal to anyone on these apps. I’m going to delete them and attempt to meet people in person(after things return to normal). If the apps ever start to negatively affect your mental health, delete them.

Edit: I don’t list my salary in my dating profile lol. Also, I listed height, salary, and my working out in this post because those things are important when dating on dating apps in NYC. Im not trying to say I deserve dates because of it lmao.

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