Giving thanks for online dating

Giving thanks to online dating might seem a little weird to you, but not to the people who have had success with it. My friend and creator of this website, Brad, is definitely giving thanks for online dating website since he met his wife on Match and now has a beautiful family.

Many times online dating sites can seem frustrating. We run into all types of hiccups, but when we do have success it’s like the heavens open up. Think of it this way: some people never would have met there match without the help of an online dating service. Some people just don’t go out to clubs or other social events where the possibility presents itself to meet someone. So I’m thinking these are also people who are thankful for online dating. Just think about it how else would you meet someone if you never have the time for a social life or just do not like going to overcrowded bars or clubs.

People of a certain age can appreciate dating sites also because for some the older they become the less social they are. Online dating gives people hope for a chance at love.

Even if you do not have a love connection, sometimes friendships are born from meeting someone that you have a lot in common with. Also, it brings variety to live and little “adventures” to our sometimes ordinary lives.

I’m thankful for online dating because it gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself. Not only did I meet some incredible women, but it showed me what I was looking for and what I was not looking for. It helped me gain insight into my own thoughts and feelings. Before online dating, I thought I knew what I wanted in a relationship. It became so much clearer to me what I really wanted after I had quite a few first dates (and after I read Brad’s guide to online dating). Brad’s guide helps one get to the core of what I was really looking for. It simplifies it in a way that anyone can understand.

You may think well it’s easy to make a profile, but sometimes we forget what really matters when we put together our profiles. Yes, we all want someone we think is attractive and that we can get along with.

Here’s the thing: what makes that person really attractive? Because beauty fades. Getting to the core of what we want is what is going to make the relationship succeed or fail. Or, alternately, it’s going to help us make sure we’re investing time in the right people. Asking yourself questions like, are you a homebody or do you read on a regular occasion? Those types of questions get us closer to the match that we are looking for rather than tall, dark, and handsome (that is, what others tell us we should be looking for).

With online dating, there are so many functions that allow us to choose what we want. It really is a great thing to be thankful for. Sometimes it seems like an endless amount of choices. When I think about it’s almost like you’re going shopping for exactly what you want. So many possibilities it’s mind-blowing.

After saying that, I should say don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Breaking things down in such a way that you get to the core of what you want is the key to success here. It can seem daunting at first and frustrating as well, but once you realize the great potential you become thankful for the opportunities and the scope of tools provided to you.

Ultimately you are the greatest tool in your tool bag. Knowing what you want, and who you are, makes all the difference.

Once you know what you want it becomes a time saver and that’s definitely something to be thankful for. No one wants to invest their time for little or no return. Many sites make it easy for you to help find what you’re looking for. Even the free sites break things down so that it’s easier to find a match. I know that Plenty of Fish has a questionnaire that one fills out to help you match with a partner.

Finding love online is a part of today’s world. I for one think it’s a great idea and why not. Why not embrace today’s technology and keep up with the world. It really does make things easier. Finding love online is obtainable and most anyone can do it, although it takes work and isn’t necessarily easy.

I don’t mean to sound redundant but there really is a lot to give thanks for when it comes to online dating. Being able to see many pictures of potential matches is just one of many perks. The first thing we look at is the person then we read the profile. Heck, some sites like tinder use profile pics as the many parts of their set up. Yes or no swipe left or right. They cut time in half if what you are looking for is a speedy way to do online dating.

For me, I like to look at the whole profile so I’m more comfortable with a layout such as has. You look through pics with taglines until you see one the sparks your interest. Once you found someone that you find attractive to you then you can read all about them in there profile. Plus I think now match has video. People make a small video about themselves that you can view. I think is really a great way to get the vibe of a person. With Pictures, one can take a certain way to make themselves look better but with video, it’s all out there. You can really see what a person looks like sounds like and acts like. I think it’s a great new feature and defiantly something to be thankful for. It makes the searching process easier and anything that makes things easier in my book is good.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your online search. Remember there is always something to be thankful for.




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