General advice for M28 who has never really been in the game until right now.

M28 actually asked out a girl (F29) on a dinner date app and followed through and went on the date. I’ve basically been single my whole. Anyway turns out she is cuter than her photos (booyah), but also intelligent and interesting.

Prior to this I did have one tinder hookup, but she wasn’t as intelligent and I just didn’t see a relationship with her. And that’s my entire history of meeting people on apps.

The dinner date was ok. There were some awkward pauses, but I’m fucking awkward anyway and have never had a one on one meal with someone, even my best friends, brothers or parents and not had that. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about her. After dinner was finished I paid. She did offer to split it, but I’d asked her out so I said I’d pay. She then suggested we go for a walk, which was really nice, the convo flowed better. Got to the end and we were almost back to where she had parked. She kind of stopped on a corner and said she’d had a really nice time and that we should see each other again. I agreed. In retrospect the way she was standing next to that light post she wanted a proper kiss, but I kind of just awkwardly pecked her on the lips. I think we were both disappointed in how awkwardly the date ended haha.

Anyway, we are going out for lunch in about a weeks time (combination of both of us being away for different reasons) to a spot where after we can go on a cute walk (I chose the place). Neither of us really threw any physical compliments at each other, which is totally fine with me. We also didn’t touch really. Im terrified of inappropriately touching someone and would just air on the side if caution. It doesn’t make sense in this case obviously, but I’m a weird unit.

Basically, after writing all this shit out (I really just wanted to share with someone), if she doesn’t like me for me I’ll be fine with that. But I also don’t want her to think I’m not interested because of the lack of physical compliments and touching etc. Is this a danger?

And secondly, the place we are going I drive past her suburb. Do I offer to pick her up on the way, or is that just not a good idea?

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