Gay and straight dating are different worlds

I’m bisexual male but I generally prefer women and combine that with having a very conservative family, I typically just stick to dating women. But recently after a string of bad luck and disappointments, I flipped two of my dating apps to “everyone”. And wow oh wow was it different

First off, a ton more matches. I was getting a couple matches a week if I was lucky with women. With guys? Seems like at least 5 a day, maybe more. The little thing that tells you how many people like you on Tinder (to try to convince you to pay for their service) used to say at most 2 to 4. Now it says 25+.

I actually got some first messages. I can count on one hand how many women have messaged me first in about 5 years of using apps to date, I’ve had to hone my skills of sending a first message women will actually respond to which gets exhausting. And the conversations with these guys were fun. They put in effort. I didn’t feel like I had to be the one to try really hard to keep the conversation going. It didn’t feel bland. They open up quickly, They’ve tried to actually keep my interest

It’s only been a few days and maybe the sheen will wear off, and I imagine a lot of these guys are just trying to sleep with people and not really looking for a relationship, though granted I’m not really looking for a relationship with a guy either, but man, for the first time ever I’m having fun with the dating apps instead of it being a necessary chore to find someone. Its wild! Thought I’d share the thoughts

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