Gave a compliment, now things got bad

So, there’s this girl [20F] I [25M] met some months ago at uni. We won’t see each other a lot but would text almost everyday and when we saw each other after classes, we could be chatting for some hours. Lots of long eye contact, we would sit close each other etc.

One day, she changed her profile photo, so I sent her a DM complimenting her saying (playfully as I thought there was confidence between us) “Pretty!”. So, she replied “Don’t call me that, please. I don’t like it”, so I apologized because if she didn’t like compliments, I wouldn’t like her to feel bad about it. But after then, every time we saw each other at classes she won’t look at me anymore. Even when we are with more people, she would engage on what others would say except with me, so mostly is ignoring me. And she would answer through texting very dry and even a bit dismissive.

I think I screwed it? I appreciate her a lot and I’m sad that we are at this point now. Even she would refuse to talk in person with me.

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