For anyone truly down on their body/appearance, and thinking they’re not worthy of dating because of it…

I get it. I’m like that too. It’s so easy to hate your appearance and your body. It’s insanely difficult to love it.

But a trick I’ve taught myself is to think, “Would someone else with this body type/nose shape/eye color/thigh size/WHATEVER turn me off?” The answer for me personally is always no. It wouldn’t. I wouldn’t care if my partner had big arms like mine, a pudgy tummy like mine, thick thighs like mine. I wouldn’t care. I’d be overjoyed just to have someone who loves and accepts me the way I love and accept them.

So remember that in the dating world. If you’re ever telling yourself you’re not worthy of dating someone because of your appearance, think about whether if someone else with your features would be a turn off to you. It will help boost your confidence, I promise.

You are your own worst critic, and you’re the only one who sees you the way you do. Everyone else sees you in a completely different light. Don’t forget that, babes!

But just a footnote here, also don’t forget that there are ALWAYS assholes out there. Don’t let them tarnish your shine, okay?

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