Five Types of Men to Avoid at ALL COSTS!

Through trial and error Ive identified five types of men you should avoid. If one of these descriptions fits “your guy” beware. This is for women who want to date defensively and avoid getting played.

Heartbroken Guy So you’ve met a guy and from all outward appearances he seems great. As you begin to spend more together, you notice him referring to his ex-girlfriend way more than you’d like. You think to yourself, he’ll eventually get over it because he is seeing me. But gradually you feel like you’re living in the shadow of his ex. You find yourself on her instagram page and begin to compare yourself to her. You ask him what “this is” and he says “I don’t know,” then you learn he is still twisted over his ex. Don’t assign yourself to the position of rebound because no matter what happens, you will end up disappointed.

Guy who Swaps Names with Pronouns So you’re seeing a guy but you get the sense he isn’t being forthcoming about something. You notice pictures of a woman on his Instagram but you give him the benefit of the doubt because why else would he be pursuing you? You begin to wonder why you never hangout in public and have yet to meet his friends or family. He refers to his female “friend(s)” by their pronouns and is very vague about his social circle. He is keeping things vague for a reason and I’m here to say it’s because he has a girlfriend or you’re one of the other 10+ women he is leading on.

Narcissistic Asshole This guy is perfect on paper. He is well-dressed, articulate and ambitious. You feel on top of the world when you’re with him, but seeing him once a month isn’t cutting it. He is extremely confident bordering arrogant and doesn’t hide it. Somehow, he has managed to remain mysterious despite only talking about himself. You wonder why he doesn’t ask you any questions about yourself or at least why he doesn’t ask to see you more often. To him, you are girl #4 on his rotation and that will never change. The only person he is capable of loving is himself.

PenPal This guy texts you all day everyday and is a strong conversationalist. For some reason he is always “chillin” or “bored at home” but never asks to hangout in person. You wonder if he is shy or inexperienced but his sexting abilities say otherwise. You think you have a connection because his electronic presence has built a false sense of intimacy. You have become an emotional fidget spinner whom he talks to when he is bored, lonely or horny.

Emotionally Unavailable Player This guy is way too smooth but you ignore your intuition and throw caution to the wind. You don’t want to ruin a good thing by asking the hard questions, so you blindly follow along. You begin to realize three months have passed and he hasn’t asked about exclusivity let alone define the relationship. You finally work up the courage to ask and he nonchalantly says “I’m a non-monogamous person.” When you cut things off he will blow up your phone, fabricate some sob story and beg for your forgiveness. The best apology is changed behaviour and this dude needs counselling not a girlfriend. Don’t devalue yourself by sticking around.

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