Five tips for a fantastic first date


When you’re looking for love online, setting up your profile and messaging people is only a small part of it. When it’s time to meet someone in real life, you can’t hide behind your keyboard and spend ages thinking up witty replies to their messages. You have to show up in person and do the work. But fear not, it’s not as scary as it sounds. Just follow these few simple tips and you’ll be having a great time before you’ve even realised it.

Make an (appropriate amount of) effort with your appearance

The key thing here is to make an effort, but ensure that you still feel comfortable. If you’re the type of person who wears a sharp suit or low cut dress every day of the week, then go for it, but if you spend most of your time in jeans and a t-shirt, then getting very dressed up is just going to make you feel weird. Choose an outfit that looks great, but still allows you to feel like you.

Don’t be late

This is basic, but it matters. If you can’t manage to turn up on time (give or take five minutes or some kind of catastrophe), your date will think you don’t really care and everything will be off to a bad start. If you are habitually late, build this into your plan and leave way earlier than you usually would.

Ask questions

If you get nervous and struggle to talk about yourself, ask your date questions instead. It will enable you to relax and warm up a bit, plus it’s an attractive trait. It’s another basic tip, but it’s surprising how many people view a date as an opportunity to talk a lot and sell themselves, rather than find out about the other person.

Do an activity together

Staring at a stranger over a table and feeling awkward does not make for a great first date. If you find chatting to people you don’t know hard, try doing an activity with them instead. We’re still restricted on what we can do at the moment, but even going for a walk whilst sipping a takeaway coffee can help you relax and make conversation easier.

Don’t think about the future

If you turn up with a head full of ideas about this person being The One, and all of the baggage that entails, you’ll have a less successful date than if you just plan on having a laugh with someone new for a couple of hours. We all have dreams about how we’d like things to pan out, but if you immediately project your happy ever after onto someone they’ll have an awful lot to live up to, through no fault of their own, and you’re bound to be disappointed. Concentrate on having a nice time instead, and see where things go.

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