Exhausted by the “I matched with someone who was a red flag, but the sex was great. SO WHY DID THEY GHOST?!” stories

Anyone else feeling this same way about these kinds of stories being shared on here or some blog post, or even you own friends? It’s always the same frustrating narrative: OP matches with someone on a dating app. It’s clear that the other person is full of shit, red flags abundant and the OP knows it, but despite the person showing what their true intentions are, OP still goes through with meeting up because the person is attractive and “sex.”

It was made clear that their match only had sex on their mind, and because of the pandemic, physical attraction, or whatever reason, OP hooks up with that guy or woman. The relationship is nothing but physical, and they keep going back even though they know the person is so full of shit and not dateable. Then, huge surprise to them, they get ghosted by that person!

OP then comes on here and tells us up front about how they matched with someone who they knew was a red flag, wasn’t dating material, talks us through all the details of the great sex as if it justifies their poor decision making, and then expect us to help them figure out why the person ghosted them or feel sympathy for them that they got burnt.

Yo, that person showed you who they were from the start! That’s on you. If you expect someone who sees you as nothing more than a fast, no strings hookup opportunity, don’t expect them to give you any more courtesy or time than that. They’re a shitty person, but at least they’re honest about it, and then again, you knew that, too. You knew the stove was hot before you touched it, so don’t cry that you got burnt. It’s like there’s no accountability, and everyone else is the problem.

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