Dress For Dating Success

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dress for dating successdress for dating success

When you dress for dating success, your confidence soars. My guest, Scarlett De Bease, is an image consultant who shows you what to wear.

Scarlett De Bease helps women dress for dating success, and she shows women executives and business owners how to look as put together on the outside as they are inside. For the last 14 years, she has guided her clients to always know what to wear, have outfits that reflect their personality, professionalism, and power, plus have the confidence in their appearance they’ve been endlessly searching for.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • Why Scarlett became an image stylist
  • How a woman’s clothes affect her mindset and confidence in dating
  • Tips for a woman to rock her first date outfit
  • How to ace a Zoom date by looking and feeling your best

Dress For Dating Success

What inspired you to become an image stylist?

Twenty-four years ago, I went to an image stylist, and I learned how clothes can make such a big difference in how you see and feel about yourself. The woman leading the seminar suggested I become a stylist, and that was the beginning for me!

How do a woman’s clothes affect her mindset and confidence in dating?

When you’re wearing the right clothes, you feel confident. What you wear affects how you feel. When you look in the mirror and don’t like what you look like, it starts to bring you down. The most important accessory in the world is confidence.

What tips can you share for women who want to rock their outfits on a first date?

Always wear something you’re comfortable with. Don’t let others tell you to wear something low cut or an animal print if it’s not you. Whether in person or virtually, focus on the waist up. Bring attention to the face or eyes. If you have blue or green eyes, wear color that brings out those colors. Wear earrings, necklace, and scarf with the colors of your eyes. If you have brown or black eyes, wear jewel tones.

What about Zoom or FaceTime dates…what do you suggest so women can look their best?

Show your personality. If you have a great sense of humor, wear a necklace or earrings that reflect that. Wear anything but black, because it’s a color that can make you disappear. That’s the last thing you want. Wear navy, chocolate brown, or teal to look vibrant and approachable. A lot of women wear clothes that are too tight, so wear something you’re comfortable in. But, not an oversized or giant top. Fit the body you have now.

Can you tell us a story of a woman whose life changed for the better after working with you?

One woman I worked with had gained a lot of weight and started wearing the ‘uniform’ of giant shirts and leggings. Her husband told her he loved her and didn’t care what size she was. Just wear nicer clothes. A friend had given her my card, and she became known as the best dressed person and the best accessorized at work. She started to lose weight as she felt better about herself.

What’s a final super tip that women can apply today to remove the stress about dressing for dates?

Depending upon your height, if you’re 5’5” and taller, a tunic and leggings or straight pants is very flattering and very forgiving. That’s a great first date look. Have the tunic stop mid thigh. A little heel is great.

If you’re more petit, a dress is great, or wear a top and pants in the same color. Then add accessories. Get a dress or top in your best color. Then, buy a lot of things in your best color. And remember…when you feel confident, you’re sexy!

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