Don’t you just hate it when people in relationships tell you they “envy” you being single?

God I hate it when people in relationships tell that to single people. Obviously they don’t envy being single, they just miss some perks of being single, but being in a relationship is obviously way more worth it for them than being single, otherwise they would just dump their SO and went to live that “awesome” single life they supposedly “envy” us singles so much…

“Oh, you have so much freedom and money, I wish I were you tee hee hee hee”… well, who’s stopping you shithead?? Ending a relationship has never been easier in history (unless married with kids, I understand that), so what are you waiting for? Obviously they not gonna do that. They just tell that stuff to single people to try make them feel better about themselves (not working lol), and virtue signal (“I gave up my freedom for this person, I’m such a great person”).

They don’t really miss being single They just SOMETIMES miss SOME of the perks of being single that’s all.

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