Don’t go back to your first love

Maybe someone else needs to hear this.

I’m currently dealing with the ramifications of recently getting involved with my first love again. It’s a decision I’m deeply regretting at the moment. Romanticizing the past, especially when it comes to a first love, has proven to be a horrible decision.

I’ve basically dug up emotions and feelings I spent years trying to get rid of, for nothing. The same problems that broke us up In the first place still exist, && now there is the added complication of us being completely different people with completely different interests, circumstances, etc.

I know there are plenty of stories out there of first loves or high school sweethearts reuniting and living happily ever after, but I would strongly suggest against it. I promise the success rate is far higher in the movies/tv-shows than it is in real life.

Continue to look forward and find someone who is best for the person you are today, not the person you were years ago.

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