Does he only wanna talk to me to have sex or is he interested?

I have been talking to someone for 1 week or so (yes I know its a small amount of time). I wrote to him first and then we continued talking and exchanged snapchat.

One of the first things he said to me was by complimenting my body (like my thighs etc). Later on we talked about sex and we talked about dick sizes and he showed me his (with consent). Sometimes it feels like I am the only one to ask him personal questions and he only asks by saying “wbu”. What confuses me is that he has written to me first by asking me what im up to etc. But the conversations dont go any deeper, as in him asking for more info about me. I also wanna mention that we are in different countries so I can’t just meet with him. Also, when first texting him, he was dry, but then he started to open up a bit.

A friend of mine told me to give it time for him to open up more etc. I am a bit confused.

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