Does anyone else feel the need to be friends before dating?

I (M) feel the need to be familiar with someone and have built some comfort with them before dating them. I can notice a woman and have her in mind as a potential romantic/sexual partner but going from stranger/acquaintance to dating feels too fast. Part of dating is about getting to know the other person but I need to know and like them a bit before that. I also feel like there’s an expectation of sexual/physical contact in the first few dates and doing that with what was recently an acquaintance weirds me out.

Once I’m familiar and comfortable with someone, I can initiate sex several times a day but in the first few dates, I don’t even feel like kissing someone unless we’ve known each other enough to be friends. It feels like skipping steps. There have been times women have hit on me or asked me out and it went over my head at the time because we hadn’t talked or had only had a 5 minute conversation.

Anyone like that?

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